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Are you looking for something fun to do and not sure what's next? Listen to our weekly podcast as we explore things you may have considered and a whole list of fun things you didn't even know existed.

Co-Host, Radio Academy Award Winner Billy Price and Jeffery Dannel help you explore what’s out there, and introduce you to beginners, pros, and club leaders.

Our Co-Hosts already do a lot of cool stuff. They might be cycling for a couple hours or running a marathon. Doing a Ragnar 180-mile running relay or swimming a couple miles in the Atlantic Ocean. They might be traveling across the country with a team of volleyball players for a club volleyball match. And that is just THEIR story. Wait till you meet their friends! They are leaders of some of the best clubs, or small business owners who started from the ground up. They are former couch potatoes who now are Ironman finishers, or even state time trial winners, two-time Ironman Kona qualifiers. Each week they will introduce you to some of their friends, learn their origin story, and learn more about them than just what you see on their social media posts.

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